Dr. Katrina Perehudoff gives keynote on high medicines prices at Rotary Conference in Pennsylvania, USA

Rotary District 7280 Governor Mr. Scott Bayline invited Dr. Perehudoff to address his District Conference, this year in Erie, Pennsylvania from May 17-19, 2019. In her keynote, Dr. Perehudoff spoke of the growing challenge of high medicines prices and their potential impact on the future success of Rotary's health projects. "Saving mothers and children, and fighting disease are two of Rotary's six areas of focus," explained Dr. Perehudoff, "But what good are the health centres Rotary clubs build, and the doctors and nurses they train if they can't afford to have medicines on shelves and in patients' hands?"  

In her interactive breakout sessions the audience raised all the core issues: What is a fair price for new medicines? Why don't we know how much medicines research and development costs? How do we know when public payers/governments are getting a good deal on the medicines they buy if the negotiations aren't transparent? How much of these high prices go towards marketing and advertising medicines? Dr. Perehudoff "Clearly this issue strikes a chord with an American public, some of whom are paying exorbitant drug prices at home and also face this challenge in their Rotary service projects in low- and middle-income countries." 

At a global level, a pivotal policy window immediately followed the District Conference: the 72nd World Health Assembly debated a draft Resolution for greater transparency of pharmaceutical markets. Read Dr. Perehudoff's blog about the World Health Assembly to learn more: https://www.hhrjournal.org/2019/05/drug-price-transparency-calls-move-from-south-africa-to-wha/?fbclid=IwAR0-YkO_wSfc8l13d4I1obZ1BxM3dlQgVHWqyo856Q0C63iVHSDL2GOWHU8