Family Planning Findings for Performance Monitoring for Action Round One Released

The dissemination event was attended by over 80 invited guests from the National and County governments, FP partners, donors, multilateral agencies, civil society, media and private sector organizations. This was a strategic opportunity to update the partners on the annual progress Kenya has been making towards attainment of its 2020 family planning commitments. Other than the results, the presentation made highlighted key family planning indicators being tracked and how these results compare with national demographic surveys and previous PMA2020 survey findings.


Present at the event was chief guest, Dr. Stephen Kaliti, Head of Reproductive and Maternal Health (MOH), Dr. Sheikh Mohammed of the Director General's office, Mr. Obudho, of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Dr Stephen Mutwiwa Jhpiego's County director among other invited guests. Dr. Kaliti stressed that the Ministry of Health was keen in strengthening the existing systems by leveraging partneships with organisations like ICRH Kenya.


Some of the programmatic implications generated from the findings included the need to strengthen counselling programs to address myths and misconceptions about Family Planning, and improving on access, equity, quality and choice of family planning services to meet the FP needs of all women in the reproductive age. The findings were also featured in the media as seen in the link below.