ICRH Mozambique participates in the National Family Planning Meeting

ICRH Mozambique participates in the National Family Planning Meeting, Maputo, May 7-9, 2019 with the slogan:  "Family Planning is not just contraception, it is a choice and decision for a prosperous future”. The objective of this event was to evaluate the performance of the national family planning programme in 2018, and consolidate strategies for accelerating progress towards the goal of 34% contraception prevalence by 2020. Issues discussed included expanding provision of Sayana Press in Mozambique, increasing uptake of LARCs (longer-acting reversible contraceptives), introduction of generic contraceptives, and maintaining family planning services in emergency situations such as the recent cyclone in Sofala province. Challenges identified included continued predominance of shorter-acting methods; limited integration of family planning in post-partum and post-abortion services; and supply chain issues.

Participants included health managers from central and provincial level as well as national and international partners of the Ministry of Health. ICRH-Mozambique assisted with the organisation and facilitation of the event, and took the opportunity to share good practices and lessons learnt from our experience supporting integration of family planning into other health services and promoting longer-acting reversible methods.

For more information please contact: Joelma Joaquim, j.joaquim@icrhm.org.mz.