Sexual and gender-based violence Sensitization Workshop with media persons

SGBV is very common, especially among women. In Kenya, we estimate that about 30% of girls and 18% of boys face sexual violence before the age of 18 years.

The main aim of this project is to “create noise” around SGBV, increasing community awareness on SGBV and changing the thought that SGBV is normal within the community. We do this by strengthening allies and associations with groups of people who do not traditionally work in SGBV. One such group are media people.

In February 2020, we engaged media persons from different media houses in Mombasa County for an SGBV sensitization workshop. We believe that through empowerment of media persons, the magnitude of SGBV in the community will be highlighted and the plight of sexual violence survivors addressed.

We also aim to improve more gender sensitive reporting of such stories, amidst efforts to bring positive change and end SGBV in the society. Within two weeks, 6 print stories, two radio and one TV shows had been developed by journalists who received SGBV training from ICRH Kenya.