Dr. Marlise Richter defended her PhD thesis entitled: Characteristics, sexual behaviour and access to health care services for sex workers in South Africa and Kenya on June 18th 2013 at Ghent University.

ICRH Belgium proudly presented their ICRH Activity Report 2012, the launch took place on 31 May at 5 pm in in their new offices at the Ghent University Hospital Campus

You can download a copy on the link below:


"Female Condoms are a Woman's bargaining Power" a movie production of Charlie Bland and Karel Blondeel in collabaration with ICRH Kenya is one of the winning movies on the International Female Condom Film Contest of the Women Deliver 2013 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Link to the website and the winning movies: http://path.org/news/pr130528-female-condom.php

Project Coordinator - ICRH Kenya - Mombasa (MOMI project)

Wereldwijd worden heel wat vrouwen slachtoffer van geweld. ICRH, het International Centre for Reproductive Health, (Universiteit Gent) probeert o.a. op basis van internationaal onderzoek dit probleem in kaart te brengen en zo ook bij te dragen tot de preventie ervan.

There are an estimated 22,480 women living in Belgium who come from countries where female genital mutilation is performed. Gynaecologists and midwives are faced with specific care issues related to female genital mutilation. Women with genital mutilation addressing our health system require a specific approach for medical, psychosocial and sexual matters related to FGM, but also in terms of communication.
ICRH is currently conducting a study on how to deal with female genital mutilation within the healthcare sector.

The staff members of ICRH Belgium went on a two-days retreat to discuss strategy and internal organisation.

From October 15th, Prof. Marleen Temmerman will relinquish the post of chairperson in favour of Mr. Lou Dierick. This was unanimously decided by the ICRH-Kenya Board at its meeting last August.

Lou Dierick is a co-founder of ICRH Kenya and has worked at management level in Mombasa from 2004 onwards.

From October 2012 on, ICRH’s founder, driving force and director Prof. Marleen Temmerman will take up a position as director of the Department of Reproductive Health and Research. As a consequence of this high-level appointment, which she considers as ‘a great honour and a great challenge’, Marleen will renounce many of her numerous mandates, including her position as senator in the Belgian parliament. We are very happy that she will however stay connected to Ghent University and ICRH.

Date: 01/10/2012