ICRH privacy policy

ICRH maintains a mailing list for sending out newsletters and information related to sexual and reproductive health and rights.  The information stored in this list consists of maximum the following data types:
-first name
-post address
-email address
-phone number
-fax number
These data are treated confidentially and in compliance with all regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and can only be accessed by dedicated ICRH staff.
Personal data will never be sold or transferred to other organisations, and are exclusively used to communicate non-commercial information about research, activities and events related to sexual and reproductive health and rights or to the functioning of ICRH and other relevant organisations in these fields.
While contact data are in principle only included upon written or oral request, contact data of partner organisations and ICRH staff members are automatically included.
Any person included in the mailing list can at any moment through a simple request by e-mail receive an overview of the data about him or her that are in our possession, and can at any time ask to be removed from the mailing list, in which case the data on this person will be completely deleted within the next 10 working days. After two e-mail bounces, records will be automatically removed.

All requests and questions can be directed to icrh@ugent.be.