Anser annual meeting week: 27 November until 1 December 2017

Monday 27/11, Brussels, ULB: EU – China Health Forum

The European Commission and the Chinese government have launched a joint co-funding mechanism, in order to enhance collaboration between Chinese and European researchers and research organizations in joint H2020 projects. The first edition of this Forum, focusing on Reproductive Health, would like to offer an opportunity for sharing expertise, strengthening existing collaborations and for developing new proposals.
The programme consists of an opening ceremony with representation from China, Belgium and the European Commission, followed by presentations by keynote speakers and experts. After lunch, there will be discussion groups to exchange ideas and knowledge about common proposals, projects, specific topics, … The day will be ended with a closing reception.


Tuesday 28/11, Brussels, Les ateliers des tanneurs: The glass wall between science and policy

The realms of science and policy keep on claiming that they need each other badly, and the references from one to the other are numerous. However, scientists tend to be frustrated because their recommendations are often neglected and are not implemented, and policy makers complain that scientists seldom come up with clear answers to policy questions and that the main conclusion of far too many research projects is that ‘further research (and money) is needed’. Both worlds seem to be separated by a glass wall: they can look at each other but they don’t hear what is said at the other side and they seldom team up to solve societal problems.
We want to open the floor to the aspirations and frustrations of both sides, present some good practices of cooperation between scientists and policy makers, and explore ways to make the glass wall less thick.


On Friday 1/12, there will also be a GEAS dissemination meeting in Ghent.

For logistic and practical reasons, the GEAS consortium decided to organize a dissemination day, on the 1st of December, in parallel with the ANSER workshops. In the morning session a global overview of the study and its results will be presented. During a debate with people working in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health and/or gender equality, it will be discussed how the study and its results is important for policy making and programs. In the afternoon, a more technical workshop will be organized, focusing on the different scales that were developed within the context of the study and that allow to measure young adolescents’ health and gender norms.