Beyond figures, snapshots from research of sexual and reproductive health



Researchers are mainly busy with "objectively verifiable data." So do we, at the ICRH. Worldwide we are studying aspects of sexual and reproductive health. We try to think objectively and rationally for our publications and  analyses. But our job also has another angle. We are working with people. We meet, observe, interview, talk and teach. Pure reason often fails and then we have to continue with our gut feeling. However, in scientific articles you cannot even read this gut feeling between the lines. Now we are presenting our work in a different way. Liesbet Christiaen explains with sensitive pictures. The ICRH staff members  Kristien, Dirk and Peter make a quarter turn in style and are writing warm-hearted stories

 The book and exposition are a tribute to all who fight for sexual and reproductive health and rights. We dedicate it to our too early deceased colleague, friend and mentor Professor. Dr. Patricia Claeys. We thank the University of Ghent to support the initiative.


 The book is available in English and Dutch and can be ordered at 

Exposition: 20/09-01/10/2010