EDCTP Biomarkers Coordination Office in Mombasa


ICRH Mombasa coordinates the new EDCTP Project:

Novel biomarkers to measure safety of microbicides

Products used in a number of recent microbicide trials have turned up unexpected safety results. There is a need for more reliable safety biomarkers for phase I and II vaginal microbicide trials. Better understanding and measurement is needed of the effect of substances introduced in the vaginal environment. The project will study a variety of African female target populations in four African settings to identify and improve both clinical and laboratory methods and findings in search of more reliable safety biomarkers. The consortium offers the combination of multidisciplinary experience and cutting-edge technology to make this possible.


The project consists of four field sites:

 ·         Mombasa, ICRH – Kenya,

 ·         Kigali, Rwanda (Projet Ubuzima)

 ·         Mwanza, Tanzania (MITU/NIMR)

 ·         Johannesburg, South Africa (RHRU)

 The European Partners are:

 ·         Institute for Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium

 ·         Ghent University, Belgium,

 ·         AMC-CPCD, The Netherlands,

 ·         London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

 ·         MRC, UK