Empowering children through the Linda Mtoto Project

The Linda Mtoto project contributes to the protection and improvement of the health of children who are at risk of and affected by sexual abuse and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). ICRH Kenya recently engaged head teachers and principals in a program inception and review meeting to prepare for the implementation of school interventions through this project.

The team identifies and supports children at risk as well as community structures. Participants were drawn from the Children's Department, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in the Sub-County. Similarly, ICRH Kenya has been participating in the monthly children-led support group forums that create platforms for children to showcase their talents and skills, and to talk freely about their experiences and the challenges they encounter within the community. The project targets children living in slums or on the streets, differently abled children, orphans and vulnerable children, children who have migrated to urban cities (with or without their families), and children who have engaged in sex work. During the meetings, these children also receive continuous mentoring and empowerment lessons on children's rights, child protection, and prevention of sexual exploitation. This initiative creates a holistic approach in the fight against sexual exploitation among children.