ICRH Research Internship Program

ICRH offers research internship opportunities to postgraduates considering a career in repro¬ductive health research. The program aims at exposing junior researchers to the various aspects of research with a focus on themes such as sexually transmitted infections, maternal and child health, sexual violence and family planning.

Structure of the program
The program starts with a 5-7 months internship at the ICRH-Ghent office, located at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ghent University. This will provide the intern with an environment that will encourage the development of research skills. The trainee will be super¬vised by ICRH’s Scientific Director (member of the faculty staff) and be involved together with other researchers in the centre’s normal research activities including proposal writing, project management, scientific analysis and article writing.
Following the internship at ICRH-Ghent, the intern will have the opportunity to experience the implementation of field research in one of ICRH’s sister-organizations in Kenya (ICRH-K) or Mozambique (ICRH-M). The intern will be closely linked to the senior research staff of these organizations and be involved in fieldwork (e.g. data collection, implementation of interventions), scientific analysis and in the development of new projects. In addition, both ICRH-K and ICRH¬-M have strong links with local health facilities making it possible for the intern to observe and get an understanding of the functioning of health services in a low-income country. The stay in Kenya or Mozambique will last for 5-7 months.
A certificate of successful completion will be issued by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ghent University at the end of the internship

The intern will receive a modest monthly internship remuneration to cover the costs of living.

Applicant’s profile
In order to qualify, applicants must meet the following requirements:
• Master-level degree in (public) health sciences or bio-medical sciences
• Basic research experience
• Proficient in English
In addition, the following criteria are considered as an asset:
• Proficient in Portuguese
• Good knowledge of data analysis software
• Good writing and communication skills
• Knowledge and experience in one or more aspects of reproductive health

Candidates are requested to send their application, consisting of a motivation letter and a CV, to:
Prof. Olivier Degomme,
Scientific Director ICRH
E-mail Olivier.degomme@ugent.be

The internships can start between April and July 2014.
Applications have to be submitted by 28 February 2014.