New staff at ICRH Belgium

Bo Verberckmoes

Bo Verberckmoes is Master in medicine and last year resident in obstetrics and gynecology. Currently started as a doctoral student working on the H2020 Elevate project. Besides that, working in the Women’s Clinic at the University Hospital of Ghent as a gynecologist in training with a special interest in pelvic oncology. More information:




Emmie Vanhooren

Emmie Vanhooren, midwife since 2013, joined the ICRH team in Belgium as study nurse on the H2020 Elevate project.  Emmie is passionate about healthcare worldwide. She worked in Uganda for a year and completed the course in ‘Tropical Medicine for Bachelors in Nursing and midwifery’ at the ITM in Antwerp in 2017. She gained  nursing experience on a surgical ward performing night duties and worked as a temporary midwife in the Ghent region.

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Emilie Berghmans

Emilie Berghmans, clinical psychologist, started as research assistant at ICRH Belgium, working on the French-speaking chatline for victims after sexual violence,  a pilot project aimed at giving anonymous support and advice to these victims  and lowering the threshold for them to contact a sexual assault care centre.

She completed an internship in Colombia, working with female victims of the Colombian conflict. After returning to Europe she was a volunteer at the refugee camp of Ragusa, in Sicily. Afterwards, she worked for a foster care organisation.

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Estelle Cohidon
Also Estelle Cohidon started as research assistant at ICRH Belgium for the French-speaking chatline for victims after sexual violence. Estelle is a young psychologist from Brussels with master’s degree in clinical psychology from ULB and different post-masters from different institutions (Specialization in trauma, ULB / Tobbacologist, FARES / Hypnosis, AFNH….). She is passionate about the link between body and mind. That’s why every day she works with patients with chronic somatic disorders on their current and past problems. Estelle divides her time between ICRH, CHU Saint-Pierre in Brussels and her private practice. More information :