Simon Sedaula Mwangi

Simon Sedaula Mwangi joined ICRH Kenya on March 1st 2022 as a Senior Program Officer for the Stawisha Pwani Project.

Simon is an accomplished key population health expert with over 10 years of extensive success leading all phases of diverse programs and projects for female sex workers, male sex workers and the trans population in Kenya. He has a have proven track record in delivering programs on schedule and under budget, using solid program and project planning, reporting, coordination, evaluation, implementation and management skills for key population programs.

He is well versed in developing and overseeing financial and budgetary activities, managing the program roadmap and supporting the strategic organization objectives. He has experience in setting up and running friendly clinics or drop in centres that provide health services for sex workers. He is skilled in developing evaluation methods to assess program strengths and weaknesses and writing program funding proposals.

Simon has also worked with Child Fund Kenya, Bar Hostess Program as Program manager (BHESP), and African Sex workers Alliance as a consultant in developing sexual & reproductive health projects for Central and South African countries.