Complications after abortion in Mozambique reduced by 40%

More women and girls are looking for safe abortion services in Mozambique, which contributes to the reduction of clandestine abortions, thanks to the law that decriminalizes abortion and, above all, to the support of some partners working on the massification of access to information and to services and abortion care. 
The National Responsible for Maternal Health at MISAU, Vânia Benzane, made these statements last May, in Maputo, during the roundtable on Abortion in Mozambique, an event that served to disseminate the results of the safe abortion project, implemented in Tete by ICRH Mozambique. “We recognize the challenges that still prevail on this topic, which is controversial, given the myths and taboos in our society, but in the midst of this adversity there are enough reasons to celebrate some advances. It is evident that, since 2018, the year in which we started the safe abortion program, we have had a very significant reduction in cases of clandestine abortions and, mainly, in obstetric complications in the order of 40%, across the country. Many young women and adolescents showed up with perforations in the uterus, infections caused by unsafe abortions they had in the communities, but today the scenario has completely reversed”, said Vânia Benzane, who highlights the role of ICRH-M in promoting this service, particularly in Tete.
The National Responsible for Maternal Health at MISAU, Vânia Benzane