Internship experiences of Meagan O’Neill at ICRH Belgium

As part of the Master in health promotion at the National University of Ireland Galway, Meagan O’Neill took part in a two week placement at the ICRH at the University of Ghent under the supervision of Professor Kristien Michielsen. The goal of the placement was to develop and practice health promotion knowledge and skills within an alternative European setting.
Here is a short reflection of her experience.

During my time at ICRH, I took part in different presentations, meetings and discussion about ongoing work and projects at ICRH and more broadly at the Health Faculty. Like Professor Benedicte Deforche, head of the Health Promotion Masters at Ghent University, who kindly demonstrated how the course takes place in Belgium.

Under the guidance of Prof. Michielsen, I helped analyzing the data  for the ‘Gender based violence study in national teachers colleges and business, technical and vocational training institutions in Uganda’and was able to shadow her in her daily meetings and sessions with fellow colleagues, students and associates, which was an integral part of my learning objectives.
Together we also took part in the BZgA and the WHO Regional Office for Europe Expert Workshop on Sexuality Education annual meeting in Cologne where I assisted in taking the minutes of the expert group as they discussed the latest national and international developments in sexuality education in the WHO European Region.

It has been an absolute pleasure and a hugely beneficial learning experience.
Go raibh maith agaibh agus slan go fóill mo chara!!