The Missing Link GBV Podcast

Through the Amplify Change program, ICRH Kenya secured a partnership with the Technical University of Mombasa to produce a student-led podcast aimed at raising awareness about sexual and gender-based violence. 
Students from the school of media studies create and host the podcast that counts toward their practicum marks, while those from the department of social studies design the themes and content. One of the podcasts featured a survivor's account of how she took charge of her narrative, reclaimed her story, and used what happened to her to help many other girls and women. The University’s strategic position in academia and the broader community enhance the podcast and its message to increase engagement. There will be two monthly podcasts to increase awareness. 
ICRH Kenya is working towards making Global Health learning practical. We also participated in the University’s Cultural Week from March 13th-17th, where we engaged the students on some of the GBV challenges/issues affecting them as youth/adolescents. We set up a booth at the campus and played intriguing Q&A games to test the knowledge of the students on SGBV. 

University students who visited the booth