Reducing the risk of HIV contamination among prisoners in Tete

According to statistics recently released by the National Council to Combat AIDS in Mozambique, HIV mainly affects key populations, given their vulnerability and exposure. Among this group are inmates, who were added to the list largely because of sexual relations between men in prisons. 
ICRH Mozambique, through the VIVA MAIS Project, implements strategies in the Changara district (Tete) in order to minimize this problem, and to expand health services among the key population. They promote computerized prevention messages within the prison and thus minimize the risk of contamination and spreading of HIV among prisoners. 
The results are already starting to show. From January to March 2022 at least 76 inmates were tested. Three of them tested positive and were immediately linked to the Care & Treatment Unit of the Health Unit. Two inmates on ART in the last six months were submitted to a collection of viral load and had viral load suppression, which is a great gain for the project.
Francisco Cumbucane, District Supervisor of the Project in Planning and Reporting Activities at Changara Penitentiary, with the participation of inmate peer educators