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In April 2001 a small girls' football and development programme began in Kilifi district, coastal Kenya. Eight years later there are 3,000 girls playing football, accessing reproductive health information and social support in the Moving the Goalposts (MTG) project.

Na 2 succesvolle boeken over haar ervaringen in de verloskunde en gynaecologie in België, heeft Prof. Dr. Marleen Temmerman (oprichtster van ICRH) haar ervaringen als gynaecologe in Afrika neergeschreven. Dit verhaal keert 25 jaar terug in de tijd naar de beginperiode van Marleen haar eerste HIV onderzoeksproject op de Pumwani materniteit te Nairobi. Het boek bundelt aangrijpende verhalen die oproepen tot een betere verstandhouding en verbetering van de levensomstandigheden van Afrikaanse vrouwen en mannen.
Releasedatum: mei 2009 Nederlandstalige versie (Engelstalige versie wordt eind 2009 verwacht)

Marleen Temmerman has been selected to receive the FIGO Award In Recognition of Women Obstetricians/Gynaecologists at the XIX FIGO World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

After writing two successful books about women encountered in her obstetrical / gynaecological practice in Belgium, Prof. Marleen Temmerman (founder of ICRH) wrote down her experiences as a gynaecologist in Africa. This story dates back 25 years, when she started her first HIV research project in Pumwani Maternity, Nairobi. The book bundles a few of the moving stories that call for better understanding and change in the condition of women (and men) in Africa. Released in Dutch in the beginning of May 2009, the book 'Mama Daktari' is due for translation in English later this year.

CPGH-ICRH Laboratory inaugurated by Dr. Othigo and Prof. Marleen Temmerman

ICRH has been working with Coast Provincial General Hospital for many years. The initial lab setup was within the hospital's main laboratory but due to increased research activities there was need for extension.

On January 31st 2009 Prof. Marleen Temmerman and Dr M. J. Othigo officially opened the CPGH – ICRH Research Laboratory. The CPGH-ICRH Research Laboratory was built in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Kenya, through Coast Provincial General Hospital who kindly offered to refurbish the old kitchen on the hospital compound.

1. XVII International AIDS Conference 03rd to 08th August 2008, Mexico City

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Perceived and experienced stigma among male sex workers who sell sex to men in Mombasa, Kenya Syengo M, Okal J, Luchters S, Abdallah S, Nzioki K, Temmerman M, Geibel S,


2. EUROGIN 2008 Joining Forces For Cervical Cancer Prevention - November 12th -15th, 2008, Nice