Ms. Emilomo Ogbe


Dr. Emilomo Ogbe (M.D., M.A) is a medical doctor and researcher with experience in Bioethics, Sexual and Reproductive Health programme management,policy analysis and development in West and East Africa and South East Asia. She is currently an Ethics Review Committee member for Marie Stopes International, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria, a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health, University of Sussex and a Researcher and Consortium Project Administrator for a FP7 EU funded project called Missed Opportunities in Maternal and Infant Health (MOMI).

She completed a Research Traineeship with the University of Ghent - International Centre for Reproductive Health in 2014, where she worked on Gender based violence and SRHR service provision for marginalised populations especially Female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya and a Consultancy at the Department of Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organisation, Geneva, where she worked on Gender based violence and health service provision. She is a graduate from the Masters in Gender and Development at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (2012). Her dissertation on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in Nigeria explored the political and moral economy around the prioritisation and management of sexually transmitted diseases.

She is currently doing a PhD in Health Sciences with a focus on health service delivery models and health outcomes for GBV survivors in Mombasa, kenya and lagos, Nigeria. Her research interests include bioethics, health systems research, exploring the influence of biopolitics in constructing ?heteronormative sexual identities?, as well as how these factors influence access to sexual and reproductive health services for vulnerable populations.