Integrated Network Combating HIV/AIDS in Tete - Phase 2

Team members: 
Diederike Geelhoed; Yves Lafort; Patricia Claeys; Marleen Temmerman
Team members: 
Diederike Geelhoed; Yves Lafort; Patricia Claeys; Marleen Temmerman


Main objective:

  • The capacity of the Tete Provincial Health Department to provide quality HIV/AIDS/STI services is strengthened

Specific objectives:

  • HIV transmission from mother to child is reduced in a context of improving reproductive health services for pregnant women and their newborns in Tete Province
  • The improved STI care is consolidated and expanded to the whole province
  • The capacity for management of HIV/AIDS services in the province is improved


  • Training and supervision of reproductive health staff
  • Backstopping in case of interruptions in the supply of critical drugs or other supplies
  • Monitoring, evaluation and documentation of the services
  • Operational research
  • Community mobilisation
  • Peer education among high-risk populations
  • Support of specific reproductive health services for high-risk populations
  • Capacity building to improve the management of HIV/AIDS services at provincial level


  • ·The prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV has been introduced in all health facilities of the province and most pregnant women are now being correctly counselled, screened and treated.
  • ·All STI care providers in the province have been trained and apply the new national guidelines for a syndromic management of STI clients
  • ·Female sex workers and truck drivers have easy access to quality sexual and reproductive health services at a night clinic
  • ·The capacity of the Provincial Health Department in planning, coordination and monitoring of HIV/AIDS/STI services has been strengthened


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Funding agencies: 
Provincial Health Department of Tete, Mozambique Institute of Tropical Medicine of Antwerp, Belgium Médecins sans Frontières - Belgium
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Project status: 
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Thursday, November 29, 2012
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