Improvement of screening and treatment of women’s cancers in Mombasa

International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya partners with Coast General Hospital and Mombasa County to improve screening and treatment of women’s Cancers in Mombasa, Kenya.
ICRH Kenya (ICRHK) collaborated with The Coast General Hospital and Mombasa County to conduct a comprehensive training in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancers (Cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the uterus) for women in the county. ICRHK supported an intensive, four-day training for over ten obstetricians and gynecologists and nurses from the five referral health facilities in Mombasa County. The training focused on screening and treatment for the three most common women cancers in Mombasa (and in Kenya) – cervical, ovarian and cancer of the uterus, and included both theory and practical sessions and the hospital’s operating room. Trainees were taken through the newest methods of diagnosis and treatment for the cancers. Training was coordinated through ICRHK Board member, Dr. Jennifer Othigo, who has continuously championed for improved sexual and reproductive health services for women in Mombasa County. Previously, ICRHK has supported the county in building capacity for health workers to improve management of sexual and gender-based violence at the ICRHK-supported Gender Violence and Recovery Center at Coast General Hospital.  
Through this partnership, ICRHK aims to build the expertise of doctors and nurses and increase the number of clinicians qualified to conduct screening and treatment in order to improve outcomes for these cancers. The county has also committed to provide resources to improve diagnosis and treatment. Non communicable diseases, including cancer, are increasingly becoming a major cause of sickness and death in Kenya. Cancer of the cervix, for example is very common among East African women, and women in Kenya have almost four times the risk of dying from this cancer compared to women in Europe.